Thursday, May 2, 2013

Naturally, everyone has an opinion on what makes a memorable dining experience. Ultimately it comes from a strong, successful execution of concept. Luckily, Africa is home to many diverse cultures and ethnicities. This diversity is reflected in GOLD Restaurant’s carefully selected ingredients, preparation styles, and cooking techniques, but most of all, their people.

Meet Beatrice

“So many traditional Cameroon dishes ... you can cook something different every day for months…”

Bold and lively Beatrice was born in the Cameroon. Her fluency in English and French is part of a Colonial heritage when the region was repeatedly colonised by various countries including Britain and France.

In reality, there are in excess of 250 or so ethnic groups and 230 languages. This is part of what makes food choices from the region so exciting for her. She says, “There are so many traditional Cameroon dishes. You can cook something different every day for months and still not run out of ideas”.

Beatrice came to South Africa seeking better job prospects. An accomplished cook in her own right, she loves giving restaurant guests what they want. So much so that she helped motivate the inclusion of the Cameroon inspired Coconut Basmati Rice dish featured on the current GOLD menu.

About Mildred

“I’m always proud to share the combined cultures and traditions that inspire GOLD'S authentic African menu”.

As a child growing up in Zambia, Mildred was talkative, quick witted and inquisitive. She learned to cook by watching, copying, and eventually surpassing the culinary skills of her mother and grandmother. Like Beatrice she’s passionate about food.

Her favourite GOLD dishes include the Seafood Curry served with Cape Malay flat bread, and the zesty lemon flavours of the juicy Chicken Satay. Guests are eager to know where each dish comes from, the ingredients used, and how it’s prepared. She says, “I’m always proud to share the combined cultures and traditions that inspire GOLD'S authentic African menu”.

Hosting is difficult. There’s a new challenge every day but she loves her work and she’s exactly where she wants to be. Both ladies agree that there’s natural tag-team camaraderie between them. Together Beatrice and Mildred control the flow of the restaurant from the time guests enter until the last guest leaves – happy and smiling.

What guests most want to know

“… how come your teeth are so white and so strong?”

There’s something exotic and otherworldly about a themed restaurant experience. Guests are naturally curious about the people who attend to them. They ask about server attire, face paint, where they come from, and even, “how come your teeth are so white and so strong”?

Beautifully adorned, Beatrice and Mildred describe their garments as a true representation of many different African countries. Even their face paint, usually thought to be a Xhosa tradition, is in fact customary in many African countries. As for their teeth, they just laugh.



  1. The great part of researching the net to share information is when I find articles and posts like this and it really sparks my interest. Beautrice and Mildred compel me to want to come and try one of what seems to be the Best African Restaurants around. I have not tried the food but am very interested in meeting the people.

    1. Thank you Krystal. We'd love to welcome you to Gold. You'll certainly get a warm welcome from either Beatrice or Mildred, or both. Where are you from?

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    1. Thank you for the compliment Carla. We've got another similar article coming soon - this week in fact.

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