Thursday, September 12, 2013

From chefs to celebrities, Morocco’s “liquid gold” is capturing attention across the globe. Consumed by the Berber people in North Africa for centuries, argan oil has a variety of nutritional and cosmetic health benefits. Until fairly recently it was relatively unknown outside of North Africa. This could in part be owing to the fact that the argan tree from which the oil is produced is endemic to Morocco. Argan oil is rare, expensive, and demand is growing internationally.

Nutritional and cosmetic health benefits

While it has all the nutritional value of olive oil, argan oil contains more vitamin E. Moreover, it’s packed with fatty acids. This makes it an effective natural moisturiser and anti-aging agent. So much so that well-known actress Eva Mendes claims it as her “total skin secret”. It’s also said to help reduce cholesterol and aid in relieving arthritis pains.

Job creation and social upliftment

Traditionally Berber women don’t leave the home. But product demand has resulted in a dramatic increase in small-scale booming co-ops managed and staffed by women. The manual extraction process is extremely labour intensive. It takes approximately 100 kilograms of seed in order to produce a litre of argan oil.

Irresistible to tree-climbing goats

Locals use their profits to buy more goats. Visitors to Morocco will tell you that tree-climbing goats are a common site. They eat the leaves and the argan fruit in which the oil-bearing seeds are encased. Unfortunately, the increasing goat population intensifies argan forest shrinkage, but a steadily growing export market can help conservation efforts.

Serving liquid gold at GOLD

With its deliciously toasty aroma and flavour, argan oil is ideal as an olive oil cooking alternative. It can also be used as a condiment and salad dressing ingredient. At GOLD Restaurant we serve a Moroccan Tabouleh with an Andante Orange infused olive oil and lemon dressing. Our servers come to your table to garnish your dish with a light spray of argan oil.



  1. This rare oil is produced from the nuts of the ancient argan tree, which is native only to a small region of Morocco. The traditional process to produce just one litre of this liquid gold takes 3 days and 16 pounds of nuts, which are cracked, extracted, grounded and kneaded all by hand before being cold pressed. Gray Hair Treatment with Argan Oil

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